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Animal cafes 動物カフェ

Animal cafes 動物カフェ

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The world’s first bilingual animal-cafe guidebook is here! Written by the editors of AnimalCafes.com, it’s the definitive guide to the best cat, bird and rabbit cafes in Japan, filled with candid photos, unbiased reviews, and tips on how to get the most from your animal-cafe visits. Which cat cafes are always jumping? Which rabbit cafes are always hopping? And which owl cafes are always a hoot? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this lavishly illustrated guidebook. The dozens of showcased venues offer a uniquely Japanese experience of animal therapy. Since the first Japanese cat cafe opened its doors in 2004, hundreds of cat cafes have sprung up around Japan, joined in more recent years by places specializing in rabbits, parakeets, owls, and reptiles. This thoroughly researched guidebook will introduce you to dozens of the best cafes with the friendliest animals, and offer insider tips on how to have the most fun during your visit. / 日本の新たな人気スポット、癒しの空間、動物カフェ! 店内でコーヒーなどを飲みながら、さまざまな動物とのふれあいが楽しめる動物カフェ。日本人はもちろん、外国人観光客の来店も増加し、動物カフェが目的で日本に来る観光客もいるほどの人気ぶり。そのブームは海を越え、ヨーロッパ、北米、東南アジアにまで及んでいます。そんな動物カフェの中から、外国人にもオススメのお店を首都圏と関西圏を中心に日英対訳で紹介します!※この電子書籍は2015年11月にIBCパブリッシングから発行された図書をもとに作成したものです。電子書籍化にあたり、一部誌面内容を変更している場合があります。